DSC_0596Thursday, 27 March 2014. After we held several program for all students, know is the time for all JIBBS teacher to have their own program. The program is a vacation trip to Tidung Island. Tidung Island is one of a very beautiful island in our country; it is a small island, which takes place in Kepulauan Seribu in Jakarta.

DSC_0658For some people (like me), it is a first time I made a journey to the small Island for having vacation. It is a very exciting journey. We need to use a traditional ship boat to be there, it took two hours long, which start from Muara Angke Jakarta. The ship departed at 08.00 o’clock in the morning so we need to start the journey at 03.00 o’clock in the early morning from Bogor-West Java. But it worded, because we have a lot of fun there, served by a beautiful view.

DSC_0833 - CopyWell, there we did several activities, such as indoor games, snorkeling, jumping bridge, banana boating, barbeque, watching the sun rises, biking, football match, and so on. We have so much fun there, but unfortunately I can’t tell you the entire journey, because I need to spend a lot of time to make it, hehe…So, I will give you some photo to tell everything, which words won’t be able to picture it….(eltassico)


Jumping high from the bridge, extreme game.

DSC_0862 DSC_0869 - Copy - Copy - Copy

Catching the sun.

DSC_0878 DSC_0846 DSC_0835 DSC_0833 - Copy DSC_0828 DSC_0829 - Copy - Copy DSC_0776

Biking around the Island.

DSC_0658 DSC_0677 DSC_0679 DSC_0742

Snorkeling into the deep sea, seeking a beautiful underwater panorama.

DSC_0494 DSC_0545

Indoor games, simple but fun.


Sea fish barbeque at night.


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