Napoleon Bonaparte, one the greatest conqueror in the world ever said; that he won’t be afraid to fight a huge number of enemies in the battle field, but he would be afraid if he found one journalist turn against him. That story, tell us how powerful they are. The main power of journalist is a capability of writing. By that power people are able to reinforce the fact, or even to twist away it.

CAM00289However, the strength power of that capability, motivate JIBBS to make one program, which able to increase student’s writing skills. So that, in Wednesday, 26 March 2014 JIBBS held a seminar which focus to develop students motivation to become a writer. The program includes a motivation and coaching season. The speaker Irma Irawati, the national famous writer, encourages the student to deliver their ideas, and dreams though a book. So people in Indonesia or even in the world would able to read it, and to catch your ideas, and also your dreams. She said by applying it, perhaps their dreams or ideas will come true. It begin by imaging anything by using a magical words; “how if?”, she said that everything could be something to write, begin from the things that possible such as their daily life, or maybe from impossible things such as Alien, and so on.

CAM00298Finally it works! After they followed the whole program, Alhamdulillah most of the students were motivated to be a great writer. It proofed by the fact that they were able to create their one page of story, which purely made by their own, in last minutes of program, which is difficult for them to do it, in their daily lives.

Wow…subhanallah! We wish, one day they will become next greatest writers.


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