Leadership Camp 3 (Team Work, Creativity, and Bravery)

DSC_0522Saturday-Monday, 15-16 Desember 2012 is the next stage of leadership camp program, this is the 3rd stage after we had two stage before which held in the same place and once in another place. This stage are different than before, more unique, hard, and need more courage to follow this program.

IndorayaCourage, creativity, and team work is the important things that should be owned by every boy, because boy should be ready to become a man, man should be ready to become a leader, and mostly leader need those things to solve their problem. So that begin from now student learn how to be leader, so that they are ready to face problems in the future.

Para siswa sedang mendirikan tendaThere we did many things, there are some activity are the same activities which we held before, like hiking, training motivation, cathcing a fish, doing camp fire, morning exercise, and so on. And the new activity such as war world games, flying fox, sleuth game by using a compass, and art performance.

So far, it’s a fun activity, which we held every semester after school examination. Hopefully  it will help student to be brave and ready to become a leader.



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