We know that study, is more globally than what some people understand as an activity that to be held in limited time and space. Therefore we could study anywhere, and in anytime we want.

DSC_0288Thursday, on November 22, 2012. Students of 7C visited LKBN (Lembaga Kantor Berita Nasional) ANTARA office.

ANTARA is the famous national news resources which provides data from various regions in Indonesia to be a news. ANTARA is a company which established since 1971.

There we learn more about jurnalistic, and all about the news. Finally we understand a lot about journalistic especially about; how important journalist in this world.

DSC_0254At last, after we had enough time there, we turn into the next important agenda, it is taking a walk across Indonesian chinese town in Jakarta and visit the famous Chinese Masjid called Masjid Lautze were founded by Karim Oey, it is a famous Chinese Muslim foundation, which founded to spread Islam among Indonesian chines descent. However, it was a too interesting moment, which we could never be forget it forever.



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