Field Trip to Paris Van Java

Field Trip to Parish Van Java 28-30 October 2011 is the one of an interesting program that hold by secondary grade 3. On three days, they went around Bandung to visit some important places which we will not be found beside in Bandung. On history study tour, we visited Asian African Museum. There we learn more about how Asian African Conference held in Bandung long time ago, since that time I have been proud to our country, because it’s is the world importance event that hold in Indonesia.

The second place was Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI), is one of the biggest University in Indonesia, there we looked around the university. After we had enough journeys, we went to swim in the University swimming pool, to refresh our body, what a nice journey.

In the next day, the last day, after we had enough rest in the night, we went to Saung Ujo. Saung Ujo is the famous restaurant that has been well known trough overseas, many foreigners were came to this place to enjoy a famous performance Angklung. Angklung is the one of traditional musical instrument. They were very interested to watch the performance and we were too. Finally we going back to JIBBS, by bringing a lot of experience that we had in Bandung. (Yusuf/ grade 3)


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