Wushu Perfomance at Gelora Bung Karno

On April 17th JIBBS Wushu club was invited by PKS, to perform our wushu skill and also celebrating 13th Milad of PKS at Gelora Bung Karno.  We went there by three cars, with Shofa, Faruq & Hazem cars. We started our journey at 10.00 on Saturday. We started our journey and arrived at 03:30 PM and directly we go to the stadium to practice wushu.  And also doing our habitual activity just like Al- Matsurat and tahajud. In the morning we are ready to perform. .Alhamdulillah  our performance was successful. And many people like to see wushu performance. And also our performance was broadcasted on TV ONE. Subhanallah. (by: Yusuf Sec.2 2011)

Preparation practice for tomorrow performance.

Take a rest for better performance at the Event, a night before show time.

Took a picture before show time. Although there were  thousands people that watched us but we still ready for rock…

Get ready for show, believe or not we thought that we were had a better performance than another, hehehe….

See there we are, the little black one, who made a two lines, on the yard, in front of Indonesia & PKS banner,  do you know what we had to do, that is brook the wood sticks and stones, that’s real!, if you don’t believe me, come to my school and I’ll proof it, hehehe….


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