Market day

Senayan – on August 17th in Gelora Bung Karno Stadium was held Millad PKS. We JIBBS  students went to the event. JIBBS students following  the invitation to show our wushu skills, and Market day to sell drinks and books. And I was one of sellers, there are 5 people of grade 2 and 1 ustadz. there are Azmie, Izhar, Obi, Ismat, Ustadz Yadi, and me. We got the ingredient from our chef, there are sweet ice teas, ice milks, orange juices, and fruit punches. We made it together in café, even we must get up at 03.30 AM and immediately took a bath, we still made it seriously and we finished it on time.

At 06.30 we get on Grand max from JIBBS  . And we arrived there at 10.30 in sector 12 of GBK, before we opened the mart, there are many people waiting for buying our drinks, even we haven’t been ready yet we must serve them. It was the biggest challenge for us, because we must serve up to 100 people on 2 and a half hours. But the biggest problem is no more ice ! So our day was ended just because “THE ICES”.   We came back to JIBBS at evening time with no enough profit   but we are happy and  we got much experience on it. And we thought that that day was the most interesting day ever. (by: Nico Sec.2 2011)


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