The ‘crying baby’ students are the one most serious problem that happen in JIBBS, because most of them come from wealthy family, so they have a problem to adapt in school, because they stay far away from they family, and all home facilitates that coddled them. But it will not happen in JIBBS, they must be a strong people who can survive in the wild world.

It is the beginning of the long way journey into the center of the earth….hehehe…-just kidding-. The Safari Camp journey was begun with assembly that to be led by JIBBS Head Master Ustadz .Jajang Badruzaman.


Ustadz Jajang Badruzaman delivered the speech to all students before they leaved the school, that khalifah or Muslim leader must be a stronger person in physically and mentally so they can face any problem easily.

Catching the wild chickens for dinner, if you cannot catch it you will not have a dinner, so it is a serious thing…hehehe….

Hiking for 15 km is not an easy thing to do. But in the fact they are able to pass that program perfectly, so now they are not crying baby’s boy anymore, at least they can survive until all finished.

The last post Kebun Teh, all students followed the stretching exercise program who led by Ustadz Jajang Badruzaman & Kakak Zaenal Arifin (Teacher Scout), than continued by low impact out bond activities.

But wait do you think that the program is completed….? certainly not….because we have to find something to eat after we passed the long journey, all students must catch the fish by them self in the farming pool with they hands…hehehe…, if they don’t get the fish so they can not have a breakfast, but lucky they got a fish. Actually they are not expert to hunt the fish, but they did as a team, and helped each other…owh…very nice…good job guys.


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