Futsal Friendly Match

At Sunday 19 December 2010, we were going to GOR Bintang Muda in Pasir Kaliki. In Bintang Muda we have a friendly futsal competition with SMP Cibogo. All of JIBBS student were follow this match, from the uniform until the shoes JIBBS isn’t really prepared. It’s totally different with Cibogo’s players, Cibogo’s players were brought cool shoes, complete uniform, and also bring luxury gadget like mobile phone and iPod.

But it doesn’t make any sense at the match, as the proof, our teams from Secondary 3 who got first chance to play were won. Their squad were Ihsan, Hazem, Agil, Tommy, and Saugi. Did you know? This team was scoring 6 goals in the first half. Before the second half begins, we had a substitutions, Hazem was changed by the best player of JIBBS,  and that was Naufal. And Ihsan is changed by Shofa.  In second half we scored 5 goals from Sauqi, Naufal, Tommy, and Luthan, so the final score was 11-0 for JIBBS!

And the next match were from Secondary 2. And the players is Obie, Aji, Anas, Yusuf, and Ismat. In the first half we scored two goals. And Cibogo just scored 1 goal. Before the second half begins, Anas was changed by Hazem. And in the second half we scored 3 goals from Ismat’s foot.

In the end of the match all player from each teams were shaking hands, and we go back to JIBBS.

Created by: Yusuf Y (JIBBS/Secondary 2)

Edited by: Nico D F (JIBBS/Secondary 2)


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