Qurban and Fun Cooking Day

At November 16th 2010, located in Mushola, JIBBS students were doing Shalat Iedul Adha at 07.00 pm. The sholat started with Muhammad Ayyasy as the Imam (Leader of Shalat) and Ust.Jajang Badruzaman,S.pd as the Khotib(Speaker). We were doing the sholat faster than The Indonesian government’s policy, according to Wukuf time in Arafah(Makkah). It because the time differences between Indonesia and Makkah (Saudi) weren’t taking so long time ,it were just 4 hours, therefore, we took decision at November 16th (2010) as the Ied Day and the second reason is because our government were very democratic they free us to choose one of the the date of Iedul Adha. The Shalat was spent a long time about an hour. After that we got breakfast and briefing to preparing Qurban’s and fun cooking day equipments that will be down at the next day.

At Wednesday, November 17th 2010 the day that we are waiting for, the Qurban Day has come. Our school decided that the Qurban will held at Wednesday is also JIBBS’s policy that respecting the society around JIBBS that doing shalat Ied at that day. The Qurban‘s implementation started with slaughtering a sheep symbolically by Mr. Hero.

This year the sheep are not crowded as last year, last year we had a lot of sheep and goats, but, we just have 2 sheep this year, while the cow increasing the sum, we have 3 cows more than the past year. After the slaughtering, we were doing fun cooking or we al ways said “Sate Day on Wednesday” that located beside Mushola. This program was taking time about 3-4 hours long, Talking about Fun Cooking we have many juries as sure, every teachers are the jury, they tried the ready foods, and took a decision who’s the winner. At the last the winner of Fun Cooking Competition iiiiisss -yup, wait for the following messages………………………..-yes ! they are form threeee..!

Dear brothers, Fun Cooking end happily, although some students doesn’t happy because defeated in the competition, but, that bad feelings completely disappear while we were eating some foods that made by our-own-hand-self. Wrestling with meat and charcoal for a day make us the students should take a bath immediately because of our bad smell. We were doing our daily activity such as Shalat and reading The Holy Qur’an after all, and closed by the deep sleep cause tired of the activities all day.


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