The English Guardian

A while with Mam Fifi

At Wednesday 20 October 2010 Mam Fifi visited JIBBS for do some program and that program called English Guardian. Some of us are participating in this program from secondary 1 until secondary 3. Ustad Bambang and Ustad Badru also follow and lead us in this program.

In English Guardian there were so many programs like fun story from Mam Fifi. That story told that when Mam Fifi wants to eat Rujak and ask to her husband to buy for her, but until more than 7 hours her husband did not buy the Rujak. When she’s asking for the last time but what her husband bought was water guava and “Bangkuang”. That was a fun story, isn’t it? After that Mam Fifi chooses all of us who follow this program to be an “English Captain”. And she gave some delicious cake with very many motives. That cake was taken from Brother Ismail’s table. When Mam Fifi chooses the English captain there is so many students that have many feelings.

Do you know what is English Captain? English captain is a leader who will lead his friend for good in English. All of English captain has been given Badges by Mam one for each student. In the badge there is a word, and that word is “English language only”. So the mean of that word is we must speak English everywhere, and every time.

Why we must speak English? Because we are the “Khalifah fil Ardi” who should have witness more than all of Zionism. English is for us not for your teacher. If you want to defeat Zionism firstly you must to try speaking English. English is one from many ways to defeat Zionism. Now Muslim is under of Zionism control.

Our brothers in Palestine from the youngest until the oldest has been Syahid in the way of Allah for protect their lovely country.

So let’s open our heart for helping Muslim from the Zionism with always speaking English every day and study with diligently.

take a picture together after the briefing is completed.


By : Yusuf Yuniarto and Nico Dian Ferdinand (Sec.2)



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