Strenght, Strategy, and strong Foundation prove the winner of Panco Sarung

As the competition of Panco Sarung has been popular among student in JIBBS since 5 years ago, this competition  has been made a new champion every generation. Every laughs, sweats,  tears are becoming the witness of this competition. Every student are happy to participate in this competition, they do everything to ensure a victory. And as the competition goes on, all the participants give their best shot. The unexpected finalist Gamal Ilyasa who is a new student of secondary 1 JIBBS has been in good form in this competition. He storm out all the  contender of MOS student and finally reach the final after defeat Ahmad Zufar Ghozy who is a new student of secondary 4 JIBBS which is older than Gamal Ilyasa.

In addition of the contender from MOS student side, JIBBS student grade 2 & 3 secondary also prove their power. It is proved by Ihsan Andiyan has won all the matches easily and defeat Abi Ihkamuddin who is Ihsan’s classmate in semifinal match. Final goes on as Ihsan Andiyan and Gamal Ilyasa meet their eyes in arena. They look each other and start to thinking the strategies how to defeat respectively, and the final game running and Ihsan Andiyan won it by 2 round.

it is a few story of our activities here, hopefully we can share it to you next time…

By: Arch Glory

see you 😀


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