By Unique Features

Islamic Environment

JISc is an Islamic school by intention, methods and orientation. JISc was established to improve the quality of young muslim which in turn will become leaders in muslim society. Keeping honourable and fundamental values of Islamic believe and practice do not mean closing the mind against other positive value as long as not in fundamental (foundation/aqidah) domain. Therefore, by adopting world’s trend of globalisation of science and technology, JISc is persistently keeping its deep and fundamental of islamic teaching and practice. By the way of tarbiyah (islamic education traditional way), JISc believe will plant sheeds of iman/believe to Allah and Islam deeply into the heart of its students. Apart from that also, the believe that al qur’an has to be the heart of all activities, influence its emphasis on familiar with quran by value and to memorise it are fundamentally important. Therefore, Arabic as Quranic language, Tahsin as right way to read quran and tahfidz as a way to keep closest to Qur’an become complusory values that all student must love and practice.

Character Development

Academic performance according to international standard and Islamic believes and practice, will not be perfect without life (leadership) skill. As JISc believes that life (leadership) skill is a compulsory competency that every individual must have. An individual will become a leader in its smallest community which is family, and for some talented persons will become a leader in the muslim society. Therefore life and leadership skills are something a must for them to be equipped. In this feature, students will be trained a basic concept of life skill, leadership and thinking skills. These will make them able to be critical, creative and act fast and accordingly to any given situation.

Immersion Program

This immersion program is conducted to make JISc students have an international insight, senses and network. JISc brought students to do exchanged program to Australia, Turkey, Singapore and Malaysia to make them feel equal and part of international educated community. This makes themself confidence and proud for being JISc students. Whereby internationally they are equal in term of academic, might be better in term of Islamic practice and also proud to be an Indonesian in term of its honourable heritage and characters.

Native Speaker

JISc provide English class with native teacher (speaker). This is to ensure JISc secondary students are familiar with English direct with native accent. This is also to make students having self confidence that their English are already according to international standard. No different to their other counterpart in native country, feeling like studying abroad. Beside that, it is also expected that the students are familiar with the way of thinking and analytical thinking in English. At this moment JISs has four (4) native English teacher working closely with students to improve their competency.

Apprentice Program

Apprentice program is offered as optional for those would like to feel the real working environment for a period of 4 weeks. This will give students chance of real working ambient by all like and dislike aspects and also to apply the (like computer, etc) skills they may have studied before. This also will provide students an insights what field they want to take in their university (diploma/degree) program. JISc has signed up a collaboration with prominent companies and government agencies to enable its students to do work the apprentice program.

Small Classes

Small class concept is applied to ensure the effectiveness of running lesson is achieved. JISC believes good teacher and good approach will less effective if ratio of teacher against students is big. Meaning theacer will less recognise every individual of his/her students and finally will decrease the level of lesson absorbtion. 12 to 16 students in a class are handled by 1 main teacher and in some difficult subjects a teacher is accompanied by assistant teacher.


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